Commercial Property Sales & Purchases

Led by David Dumbleton and his 60+ years of experience in Conveyancing, our Commercial Property team is familiar with all the complexities involved in the buying and selling of commercial premises, such as shops, office units, factories, warehouses, agricultural premises, and more.

We can also provide expert advice and guidance to assist with granting to a tenant, or taking from a landlord, a lease of commercial premises. We are able to assist in the complex procedures concerning dilapidations and the many obligations normally adopted by a tenant of business premises.

For developers or builders we can offer essential advice on the many legal matters which must be considered before beginning a development, such as:

  • The closure and diversion of roads and rights of way
  • Drainage rights
  • The development of roads and subsequent agreements with Local Authorities
  • Ten year guarantee certificates to be issued by the NHBC

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