Probate, Wills and Estate Administration

As many as 60% of people omit to make a Will. Using our specialist knowledge of property, trust, and tax laws, Rotherhams can assist in the drawing up of a Will in a process that puts an end to any uncertainty you may have about what happens to your estate on death, providing assurance that your wishes will be carried out.

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges that the majority of us will face in a lifetime. We endeavour to make the process as smooth as possible, and handle each case with sensitivity and tact

Who should make a Will?

  • Married or civil partners with assets they wish to leave to their family
  • Parents wishing to appoint guardians for their children
  • Unmarried and same sex couples living together
  • Individuals who may want to leave gifts to family, friends, charities or other people outside of the family (whether this be property, money or anything else)
  • People looking to protect their home against the effects of long term residential care costs
  • Anyone who wants to express their wishes with regard to specific funeral arrangements; this also extends to organ donation, for example

The Wills and Probate team at Rotherham & Co are experienced with the handling of estates of all sizes and will deal sympathetically with the loved ones who have been left behind. We can assist with obtaining valuations of the assets of an estate, agreeing the inheritance tax liability, and applying for a Grant of Probate (or, in the case of no Will, Letters of Administration).

Once the Grant has been obtained, we then organise the gathering of estate assets and begin to administer them according to the Will, or according to law as the case may be.


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