Sharan Gill

Sharan has been a solicitor for over 20 years and specialises in child care cases.

Sarah Collett

Sarah joined the Child Care team in February 2013. She has extensive experience in all areas of Family Law, but in more recent years has concentrated on cases related to children. Sarah now specialises in representing families when a Local Authority becomes involved.

“The Law says that where possible children achieve their best outcomes if brought up within birth families, and this is always my starting point. I understand that it is an extremely difficult and stressful time for parents and other family members. I treat my clients with respect and dignity, and help them to achieve the best possible outcome.”

Christopher Pendle

Chris Pendle is a Solicitor and Senior Partner at Rotherham & Co, and has enjoyed his line of work for longer than he cares to remember! Throughout his career Chris has been involved mostly in Criminal Law and Child Care Law. Now, however, Chris specialises in Child Care Law, particularly in matters where Social Services have become involved.

Chris has great communication skills and, most importantly, relates to his clients. Most clients approach Chris with a variety of serious problems which require a delicate and conscientious approach. He receives immense satisfaction from helping to resolve issues in the most professional and considerate of manners.

Kate Pendle

Kate is a solicitor in the Care Department and now works exclusively in Child Care Law, having been with Rotherham & Co for 11 years.

“The relevant law in Child Care matters is extensive and I always keep in mind that, for families who become involved with Social Care, this can be something of a minefield. Representing parties who are involved in that process, at any level, is something that I take seriously. I always try to give my clients the time they need and deserve when discussing something as important as family”.